A Review Of Today’s Top 10 Wedding Cakes- Who’s baking the best!

Are you having trouble deciding on the right cake type for your upcoming wedding? It happens to all couples, so don’t worry! Today’s post will cover 10 of the most popular cake ideas to help you find some inspiration.

10. Illustrated Wedding Cake: This is a relatively new trend in the baking world. New techniques and materials allow bakers to hand paint your chosen design onto a cake. If you can dream it, they can make a cake out of it!

9. “Naked” Cakes: Frosting is overrated, at least to the fans of this kind of cake. Favoring a minimalist design, “naked” cakes focus on the cake itself using dyes and alternative materials to create a beautiful cake.

8. Buttercream Cake: Sometimes it’s best to just stick with the classics. If your wedding is going for a calmer more homey feel, then a buttercream cake would be perfect for you. These cakes are all about putting taste first. Designs are usually pretty basic, so make sure this is what you want before deciding on this cake type.

7. Ruffles and Frills: This cake type is one of the most versatile in the wedding sphere. Frills work for just about every wedding type and this type of decoration is easily accomplished on most cakes. Your baker can help decide on color schemes and even the shape and “airiness” of the ruffles themselves. You’ll have a lot of control with this cake type!

6. “All White Everything” Cakes: It’s always a nice day for a white wedding cake. This cake works perfectly for those who are looking for a clean, elegant theme. Don’t mistake this for a “basic” cake though. The different frosting designs, add-ons, and toppers are numerous. You’re guaranteed to have a one of a kind cake that shows off both your class and your personality.

5. Comedic Cakes: You’ve seen them all over the Internet. This cake type works well for a vibrant couple who wants their cake to take some stress out of the day. These cakes can poke fun at the wedding itself (e.g. bride dragging the groom as a topper), or be themed around amusing anecdotes from the couple’s early days. Your imagination is the limit.

4. Pop Culture Cakes: With a pop culture so easily shared in today’s world, more couples than ever see their beginnings through the shared love of an intellectual property. If you bonded over a love of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why not allow that to be part of your wedding day?

3. Monogram Cakes: This day is all about taking two individuals and turning them into one cohesive unit. Monogram cakes focus on the couple’s new name. There are many great ways to work this into a cake, spend some time checking them out!

2. Geometric Wedding Cakes: This is a great cake type for those who want to make a statement with their cake while avoiding getting too extreme. Taking the natural beauty of shapes and patterns and turning them into stunning layered cakes is a favorite of many bakers.

1. Rosette Cakes: Nothing says “wedding” quite like flowers do. If you want to really drive home what this day is all about, then a cake with a rosette theme is perfect for you.

Did you find some inspiration? We hope so. For all the above cakes, however, you will need the best tools to execute the recipe. Among the most important tool is a cooling rack, which ensures that you cake cools off evenly once the baking is finished. There’s a lot to digest here, but worry not: you’re now much closer to finding the perfect wedding cake!